Dawid Walentek


dr Dawid Walentek

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dawid Walentek works as a post-doc in the „Valuing Refugee Policy” project. He completed a PhD in Political Economy at the University of Amsterdam and in his research focuses on conflict and cooperation.

Dawid Walentek is a post-doctoral researcher in the „Valuing Refugee Policy” project. He has a background in Political Economy and Economics and completed his PhD at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research in 2020. His work looks at the processes underpinning the increasing popularity of economic sanctions, with focus on the role of democracy and international organisations. In addition, Dawid contributes to research on international trade and education interventions. Dawid received the START Award 2022 from the Polish Foundation for Science, given to 100 scholars under the age of 30 from across all disciplines. His article on Economic Peace has received the EISA Best Graduate Paper Award in 2019. Dawid is also a member of the Centre for Complex Systems Studies (CCSS) at the University of Utrecht. Before joining academia he was a Trade Officer at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in The Hague.

Selected Publications 


Walentek, D., Broere, J., Cinelli, M., Dekker, M., Haslbeck, J. (2021) Success of Economic Sanctions Threats: Coercion, Information and Commitment. International Interactions, 47(3), 417-448.


Kraphol, S., Ocelik, V., Walentek, D. (2021). The Instability of Globalization: Applying Evolutionary Game Theory to Global Trade Cooperation. Public Choice, 188, 31-51.


Portela, C., Pospieszna, P., Skrzypczynska, J., Walentek, D. (2021) Consensus against All Odds: Explaining the Persistence of EU Sanctions against Russia. Journal of European Integration, 43(6), 683-699.


Walentek, D. Reputation or Interaction: What Drives Cooperation on Economic Sanctions? (forthcoming in International Interactions).


de Ree, J., Paulle, B., Ruijs, N., Walentek, D., Maggioni, M., Rossignoli, D. Closing the income-achievement gap? Experimental evidence from High-Dosage Tutoring in Dutch primary education (forthcoming in Economics of Education Review).

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